In such a busy world, family members of an aging parent/loved one can unapologetically take over their day to day living and at times overrule the intentions of visiting a loved one on a regular basis. Sometimes distance can also be a factor to the void!

The Safeguard Visit services provides those regular scheduled visits once or twice a week (so you don’t have to) and during the visit, we check on your loved one to ensure all areas of their well-being is in order.

As part of the Safeguard visit, we have identified various checkpoints, which our Companions will review and assess during each visit. These include:

  1. Check for food supply + possible food spoilage
  2. Brief home safety check for fall prevention
  3. Remove trash from home or bring in trash can from outside
  4. Organize closets and pantries
  5. Medication Reminders (help self-administer)
  6. Review Medication for missed dosages
  7. Check and adjust room temperatures

We provide those regular scheduled visits at times convenient for you.