Our specialized Dementia Care Program has a true and impactful meaning to provide a Dx of Alzheimer’s and other Dementias.

With Alzheimer’s & Dementia trained Companions, the goal of Faithful Heart Caregivers is to engage our clients in recreational and therapeutic activities to stimulate their overall being.

For all activities with our clients with dementia, a specialized care plan will be developed with their functional status as the core foundation to support. Our team shall provide the necessary recommendations tailored to the client needs to help deal with potential changes, challenges, and frustrations.

In identifying appropriate tasks and activities that can be performed with the support of our Companions, we will accompany our clients in public places, such as stores, local events, parks, medical appointments or even taking short walks, in-door or out-door where appropriate accommodations is available should our client wishes to just sit comfortably and have a quiet moment.

For those clients who are unable to partake in outside activities, we shall create interventions for them to stay active throughout the day “at home” by creating activity focused areas such as rummage drawers or sensory stimulation boards.